One of the key challenges that HR leaders had been tasked with, prior to the COVID- 19 pandemic, was the digitization of the workplace and the employees connected. It seemed a fairly safe distance then, but now it has arrived right here. Talent management has suddenly become so complicated, thanks to the layoffs, furloughs and staff reductions all over. HR leaders thus need to build on a complexity mindset, to help them sail through the ongoing pandemic. They need to shift their mindset from complicated to complex, as linear thinking may not work anymore. For collective intelligence to now flourish, a couple of conditions need to co-exist. One is a diversity in opinion, while another is independent thinking. A third is decentralization, and finally a clear method to aggregate the work of individuals towards the final results. A trust culture needs to be fostered in. The company values too now need to be made foundational. Thus communication, trust and employee engagement have to be top of the pile among the considerations.


Uploaded Date:25 August 2020

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