There are several stereotypes around Chinese travelers. The belief is that they are mainly interested in shopping, do not explore out of the usual tourist circuit and only eat on Chinese food. But all this is proving to be mere myth now, thanks to the broadening horizons of the Chinese travelers. Many Chinese are even opting for long- duration holidays, away from the usual short- term ones. It is worthwhile to gain more business intelligence on the behaviour and habits of the Chinese travelers as they make up the biggest segment. In 2017 alone, they collectively made 131 million trips abroad. This number is expected to rise to 160 billion by 2020. Per individual spending is also high due to the family nature of most of their travels. Beyond the monolithic stereotypes, Chinese travelers actually come under eight distinct segments. The biggest of these segments is the value- seeking sightseer. The next is the backpacker, involving low to middle income workers. Then there is the unplugged, which is usually middle income and price sensitive. The other categories may be classified as- shopper, aspirant, novice traveler, individualist and the sophisticated traveler.


Uploaded Date:28 December 2018

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