Global business leader McKinsey has developed a vision for the future workplaces known as HR 3.0. An estimate by the McKinsey Global Institute suggests that major changes are right now at place. Upcoming technologies could replace a substantial proportion of the current workforce. Companies will increasingly adopt such technologies as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robots as they lead to cost savings. AI however also has a lot of positive impacts on the future of talent recruitment. An example can be cited about the long-drawn hiring process where thousands of CVs need to be sifted manually. This work can now be performed using a pre-defined algorithm. Similarly, rejection or shortlisting letters had to be individually typed out, can now be done automatically. These kinds of applications reduce the human clutter, so people can use their time in creative pursuits. As per a study, processing time has now fallen by two-thirds during recruitment rounds.


Uploaded Date:16 March 2018

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