There is what is known as the termination playbook. It is almost universally followed for firing people. However, an even better method has been discovered known as the “transparent separation”. Here, instead of sacking someone directly, one is officially told about the impending move but is given time in the office. This allows the employee to look for a job during the office hours itself, as it is much easier to get a new position while one already holds a job. It is also good for the morale of the team as a whole because it is often painful to see older employees leave. The existing ones quite often miss their former colleagues, so now the separation can be smoother. It also helps the company in multiple ways, such as in talent recruitment or closing deals, as the organization now has a better reputation in the market. Legal risks also subside while the transitions are usually smoother. The relationship with all kinds of stakeholders- internal and external- improves.


Uploaded Date:27 August 2018

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