While tourism is one of the mainstays of life in the Caribbean region, hurricanes have frequently disrupted this way of life and the corresponding business. Puerto Rico in particular has been very badly affected, as once for months half the population had to survive without electricity. In Antigua and Barbuda, Hurricane Irma affected business u up to US$ 300 billion as per what the country’s president informed the Time magazine. According to marketing research conducted by Virtuoso, about a fourth of their clients have shifted their travel plans away from the Caribbean or Florida. Hawaii, Mexico, California and South American have been the major gainers instead. The real estate market in Miami is also set to be hit as a majority of new home-buyers in the city from 2009 to 2013 were from the Caribbean. This number is set to reduce due to the financial disruptions back home for them.


Uploaded Date:04 July 2018

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