It is perhaps rightly said that behind every mad genius of a scientist, was a restless child. Beyond facts and logic, it is passion that can drive a group of individuals to perform at higher levels. This was the theme behind TED’s “The Age of Amazement” conference that took place recently celebrating momentous innovations. The word amazement did not have very positive connotations to begin with, as it betrayed a sense of bewilderment. But this initial defensiveness, later gave way to positive energy and imagination. The inspiration cycle has four vertices within it. At the stage of Worry, there is an under-emphasis on ideas. But at Intrigue stage, excitement levels rise and positive effects can be seen. At Annoyance, there is an overemphasis on ideas, but bewilderment remains. Boredom has some sort of excitement but emphasis on ideas remains low. Once this cycle is completed, teams get inspired and business innovations give way.Source:

Uploaded Date:04 July 2018

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