Allison Kruger is today considered a talent management guru who trains several organizations on best ways to improve employee affairs. One aspect she has stressed on lately is executive presence, which is the way business leaders showcase themselves in front of an audience. First impressions here get important because it is through a certain gravitas that leaders can control a room full of people. Social outings are key touchpoints for forging fresh connections. In order to develop one’s executive presence, professionals ought to be conscious of their appearances. They need to work on their communication skills, to be aware how they are using their voice and its modulations. A certain sense of energy must emanate so that negative impressions are not piled on those beholding. Finally, a sense of uniqueness must emerge to the spotlight through blogs or podcasts. Executive presence in a way differs between men and women. While the former often take up work with sixty percent surety, women need to be a hundred percent before embarking on a project.


Uploaded Date:13 December 2017

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