A lot of senior managers avoid giving feedback of any kind, be it positive or negative. This becomes particularly disconcerting for newer recruits who do not really understand the value they are providing or not to their organization. In that case, the employees must simply get along with their work but make sure to be associated with five performance traits associated with successful employees. Most importantly, he/she needed to deliver results in whichever fiction recruited for. The person must have high collaborative skills. Though independent workers often strive to do better than others, but researches have periodically proven that collaborative ones tend to succeed more frequently. The person must have a strong skill level in some field where he/she can provide expertise. Bosses will always appreciate employees who will held execute the corporate strategy drafted. This further leads to marketing of the work done so that the external world as well as other team members understand the importance of the work put in. Speed at work is essential as no manager wants laggards in the team. The professional must eventually develop this ability to inspire and drive others to succeed.


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