A lot of company cultures have struggled due to the excessive focus on the What of results in pure numerical terms rather than the How of achieving the same. This has led to short term thinking or the lack of a coherent corporate strategy. As a result, high- performers, even if morally suspect, are garlanded at such cultures. A rewarding culture needs to be honed by the top company bosses. Promotions must generally follow the 60:40 rule. Under this, sixty percent of the reason for promotion are pure financial performance, but the rest forty percent depends on the leadership skills shown. Leadership is much more than a mere sum of the individual, disparate parts. Accountability is a concept most firms now practice. However, the consequent blame game does no one any benefits. The typically held formulas need a rethink. Key performance indicators, future potential and the wake of leadership- both positive and negative- need to be all counted together to assess promotions at the firm.


Uploaded Date:16 August 2019

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