A lot of managers on being newly appointed to the post, quickly identify weaknesses or areas of improvement in the team or scope of work. Such newly minted managers would be well advised not to rush in changes for fear of appearing self-centred or authoritarian. Instead one must try to appreciate the things not broken and doing well. It is easier to address bad behaviour than changing bad norms. The latter requires a more long term approach. Some suggestions have been listed for new managers inheriting a team. First of all, they must evaluate whether the problem lies with the team or themselves. The said manager might tap into other colleagues who have a broader sense of the work and would be able to find a way to bring the changes without violating HR norms. Before indulging headlong into transformation, adequate cover must be sought where company protection is established. The concerns must be openly discussed perhaps in the form of a dialogue within the team. Instead of dwelling on past failures or misses, the team members must be engaged with future plans. Proper talent management requires that transgressions be dealt with calmly yet decisively. Finally, one needs to identify who may be the accomplices allowing such behaviour to thrive on for so long.


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