While a lot of aspects can and should get outsourced to create great value, one thing that must never be outsourced is innovation as it is the best way to leadership development. There are firms that specialize in aspects that can revolutionize the work and curate a winning system. But unless company employees are initiated into the tools and concepts of business innovation, the path-breaking transformation will never get properly executed. A few innovative employees need to be identified early on and provided specific training to develop their skills more holistically. One advantage of that is consumer and customer insights will get generated. Another is that silos will get broken down and multi-disciplinary teams will function cohesively together. Innovation must also be the cornerstone to identifying future leaders. Specific training needs to be provided to them on data analysis, market research, creation of ideation sessions, market testing of prototypes and communication skills to motivate others. Soft skills and respect for others also needs to be crafted. Innovation boot-camps are amongst the most engaging to attend.


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