A few techniques have been discovered which, if used the right way, will help any organization hone an ethos of collaborative innovation. The first of them is about strategic communication with the people on the business innovations. For this, the right tools need to be brought in to the system. A set of simple questions using the Heilmeier Catechism need to be asked, before finally deciding on the tools. The ideas that get generated, need to be scrutinized and refined continuously and collectively. The company’s expertise has to be leveraged during this process. New markets too need to be explored here. Each company or industry has its innate set of innovation- blocking barriers. These need to be first identified, and then eliminated.


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Innovation consulting is now a niche developing well in several markets. It is the interplay between management consulting and innovation. One of the main things, this field focuses on is how learning improves through the art of networking. This is true for both men and women, but more so for the latter especially in any industry or market that is traditionally male- dominated. It helps interlink creativity and consciousness. Business innovation may also be equated to a dance form, as it involves riding a creative rollercoaster. There exist several strategies to embrace reflection, consciousness and learning. The first step is to pause and then retreat. After this, one needs to review the action taken thus far. One needs to reflect on the work done, before resetting all that went awry.


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For every company today, surviving the ongoing digital disruption is on top of its minds. Even legacy companies are worried about some fleet- footed, digital- native startup taking away their business. It is in this situation, that companies will need to increasingly find ways to curate different ways to develop and then execute business innovations. For this, it is important that every voice gets heard. This will not be easy, as a 2017 study by marketing research giant Gallup confirmed, that barely three out of every ten employees in the USA, feel that their opinions matter to their respective organizations. Several crucial elements need to be put in place to ensure that every voice is heard, beginning with employees getting a psychological and career safety net. Structured opportunities need to kept in order to present ideas. Some internal contests may be a good way to figure this out. A process has to be created to this end.


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It is now well- known that every business needs its fair doze of creativity. In order to spur some sort of business innovation to any work team, some essential questions need to asked. The first such stock question ought to be on what the employees feel, is the single biggest ingredient for success at the firm. Another is for all to identify the forces or technologies that could force a market shift. Finally, to actually elicit some deep thinking and creativity form the employees, they need to asked what steps need be taken to ride over such a potential market disruption. No existing business practices must thus be treated as sacred.


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One area in which fleet- footed startups possess a massive advantage is in scaling up at speed. This they achieve, often with limited resources. Large companies need to incorporate this skill in to their playbook. Consumer companies are now taking lessons from start- ups and digital natives, on how to execute business innovations so quick. Very little of the growth has emerged from the larger legacy companies over the past five to seven years. One area in which start- ups revolutionized the digital marketing space was through the right use of bloggers. Fashion bloggers for instance helped jewellery chain Bauble Bar set the tone. Uber too has been at the forefront of product and service innovation. B2C companies have set the trend in this.


Uploaded Date:23 July 2019

In order to supercharge innovations, data and design are being fused. This is true for both processes as well as physical products. This enables companies to connect seemingly disparate and different approaches and ideas. Talent recruitment teams are now hiring data and design professionals together so they may fuse in to one team. Data pros are ensuring that team members across the board have a universal dotted line reporting relationship with their respective squad leaders. They need to glean these vast quantities of data to process advanced business analytics. Design and data teams are thus highly effective when working in a synchronized manner. More than mere product innovation, companies must also utilize the inputs of designers for improving their funnels and processes. Even seemingly small changes to a network can have massive ramifications. Institutional silos and disconnected workflows can thus be eliminated through the use of proactive design.


Uploaded Date:20 July 2019

A study conducted by Deloitte has identified several ways to ensure innovations take place. To begin with, no company must be happy with merely permitting for business innovation. They must instead expect the same. One must constantly experiment, as only then can the real deal emerge. The innovators must not unnecessarily be burdened with any expectations. Creativity needs to be embraced at each stage. Team leaders must solicit innovative ideas. So, they must campaign for such creative thoughts. Eliciting innovations is no one- time task. Instead, the team needs to be committed towards it, to continue for the long run. Deloitte has identified these solutions as being common challenges to a staggering ninety- six percent of the companies, where the study was done at.

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