A recent study has confirmed rather alarmingly that about half the issues reported for cyber security breaches, have occurred due to the unknowing effects of insiders. These insiders may be company employees, vendors or contractors. As this problem is not well- known, not many rectification schemes are around. For this, companies need to proactively, get down first to understanding this threat. According to figures supplied by management consulting giant McKinsey, about 38% of these threats may have been malicious, but 44% of them were merely as a result of negligence. Financial stress has also been caused by these mishaps. To solve this in a better way, companies need to go for micro- segmentation. This will enable the company to identify the risk hotspots. A culture change is also needed on a war- footing. The use of insider- personal business analytics, can help massively to predicting such occurrences. Of course, while doing all this, companies still need to be mindful of not crossing the boundaries of privacy.


Uploaded Date:16 February 2019

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