Jeff Bezos founded and has developed Amazon into one of the world’s most valuable companies. The success of the company owes to a number of factors. At the very beginning, the fleet-footed startup culture was essential to the growth. But all company founders will need to resist the temptation to go on startup mode for too long. Once the company gets bigger, it will need to be scaled up. Most important is the customer-centric decision making. To maintain the levels of business innovation, companies must avoid putting in proxies or auto-pilot mode. At Amazon there is the constant move to track external trends. This helps gauging business intelligence on markets and competitors and stay ahead of the curve. Further, this data that gets tracked must be put to use in taking high-velocity impactful decisions. One must remember, that each day is different, so changes must be embraced on a constant basis.


Uploaded Date:09 November 2018

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