Jeff Bezos believes in a startup culture to pervade Amazon at all times. This is good for fostering a culture of business innovation and avoiding the stasis common at other large firms. One of the unique features new recruits encounter at Amazon, in comparison to other places is that PowerPoint presentations are banned. Instead, those speaking need to do a six-page narrative discussion. Bullet-pointed word docs are equally considered unsuitable. This narrative style allows for more immersive discussion. Bezos has never been a stickler for the corporate strategy drafted. Instead, decisions can easily be reversed if counter proof, better for business or value addition are presented. One need not wait for all the data or information to arrive. Decisions must not stall for this want. There is room for disagreement. But once a commitment has been made, that needs to be executed. Waiting for consensus is not part of the Bezos style of management as that would delay the work.


Uploaded Date:10 November 2018

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