Our present world of round-the-clock digital connectivity can seem proactive at times, but in truth generates enormous amounts of stress. The human mind is not made for this sort of instant reaction, but for detailed analysis. Data warehousing and gauging insights from it comes naturally to the human mind. This methodology also helps to boost business leadership. This slowing down of life can best be executed through a four-pronged strategy. The first step for this at the start of each month, is to jot down goals for the upcoming period. After this one needs to reflect on this, while building a strong team to support the same. A calendar must present the intricate details, with specific family time as well. Meetings and project notes need to be recorded for future evaluation. To do this, maintaining a journal has been observed as the best method as it generates reticular activation when done using pen and paper. It stimulates mindful concentration. This enables a proper feedback loop with oneself balancing the “being” and “doing” aspects.


Uploaded Date:01 June 2018

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