A lot of professionals from ethnic minorities, with physical disabilities,differing sexual orientation or women find themselves shunted out from senior executive positions. This is inherent even in organizations which overtly promote workplace inclusion and diversity. It happens often not because of genuine discrimination, but simply due to perceived biases inherent among people. That is why the Center for Talent Innovation has undertaken a research to understand this phenomenon. It was reported that about one out of every eleven white-collar professionals have undergone this at some stage or the other. That is why the ACE Model has been proposed. ACE is named after the six principles of- ambition, ability, connections, commitment, executive presence and emotional intelligence. For organizations to truly ensure it takes place, a system needs to be devised where everyone can get heard. It must be a safe place to propose business innovations. A proper feedback loop needs to be devised. This feedback collected must be implementable. Whatever credit comes your way, must be shared with the broader group. The talent management system must be such that team members are empowered to take decisions at their micro-levels.


Uploaded Date:18 August 2018

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