The developed travel destinations need to shake off any lethargy acquired by being market leaders for so long. This is because of unique challenges the next few decades are likely to pose. The first major challenge will be to smoothly navigate the triangular relationship involving the visitor, the host brand, and the local inhabitants, who were dormant for long. Tourism jobs can no longer be generated at the cost of the local environment, and this is something the entrepreneur has to take care of. The environment her refers to both the natural as well as the socio- cultural one. The second key challenge will be that of data warehousing, as the more comprehensive work on that will ensure, improved understanding of one’s market. The final challenge is about the emergence and near complete market domination by the so- called super brands. These are overarching brands that are competing at each chain against smaller, localized players. Innovative means will be needed to take them on.


Uploaded Date:27 December 2019

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