A lot of excuses or reasons are often giving about the failure of Nokia. A common one is the arrival of Apple’s iPhone coupled with Nokia’s inability to see the disruptive nature of this business innovation. Another oft repeated claim is about the Symbian software’s inherent inferiority in comparison to the OS used by Apple. The truth however is that Nokia simply lost out due to its own internal flaws. The corporate strategy at Nokia had hidden flaws, as it was too simplistic and rigid. It only focused on the near-term. The top management did not like hearing the truth about any flaws in the system and wanted instant sales results. This percolated down to the middle level as well. To cite an instance, the employees had long known about the relative inferiority of Symbian but could not tell their superiors as they knew the truth could not be well-handled. In fact, the top management was deliberately misled just to hide these flaws. Production delays led to further panic from top-down and consequently pressures exerted on all concerned stakeholders.


Uploaded Date:24 July 2018

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