Empathy is one characteristic that is very much needed during any crisis situation. Leaders are often found wanting in this sphere. In order to bridge this empathy gap during any such crises, certain steps ought to be taken. But before that, the core problems too need to be understood. One of the core problems is that there is too much of the alpha, among both the men and women who enter these leadership posts. A lot of this emanates from their days doing an MBA. At such times, it is essential to behave humane. Another problem is the gender imbalance, with far more men making it to the C- Suite. For this, the team needs to be diversified. The talent recruitment steps for the top level, needs to focus on hiring a balance among the genders. There is also an inherent CEO bubble, as people dream of reaching such positions, for all their lives. The CEO needs to get a grip on one’s handlers. Finally, there is excess reliance on the written statements. Instead of merely focusing on them, the leader must be see mingling at the actual work site.


Uploaded Date:21 December 2019

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