Across rounds of executive coaching, trainers have realized that quite to the contrary of what they say, most leaders tend to be oblivious about their weaknesses, but fully aware of their strengths. While all human beings have their own weaknesses, many of them may not manifest at work. Some fatal flaw however, may prove to completely bring down a leader. In spite of other qualities, if someone as seen to be particularly bad at something major, it can prove to be hindrance. Since a weakness is due often to inaction, they are less well identified. Leaders with such fata flaws have been observed to be poor atstrategic thinking. The leader can gauge insights about the perception about himself/herself by enlisting the services of some “truth teller” who will provide honest feedback. If this doesn’t work, the leader may consider external talent recruitment to bring new ideas to the firm. An increase in self-awareness is essential to the right form of leadership.


Uploaded Date:03 March 2018

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