Instead of the traditional domineering boss, now it is the one who fosters two- way dialogue, who tends to win. This is because such leaders have the knack to track authentic business intelligence. The former types are so engrossed in their assumptions and biases, that they have little time to track the real changes. To effect this, leaders need to simply slow down. This will afford them the time and effort to listen in. A safe space needs to be created where all can vent their feelings, and be heard without undue fear of repercussions. Merely listening in will not help, unless the leader has a genuine interest and openness to getting views changed. It will be further helped by actually asking inviting, open- ended questions. Once the leader has absorbed it all, some time needs to be set aside for deep reflection. Things often make better sense on such quiet reflection. After this, the leader must summarize the views of the various team members, and also of oneself. This is done to ask for commitment on the new model of work then devised.


Uploaded Date: 27/03/2019

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