The word Harem comes into usage from the Ottoman Empire in Turkey where a lot of women would be put in what were in truth golden cages. They had little or no freedom, with constant supervision by either the Emperor’s mother or the court eunuchs. But they would still never leave as the comforts of that life were immense. A lot of modern corporations mimic that approach. The employees rarely contribute creatively or substantially, but rarely leave because of the material comforts. Unfortunately, this is also true for a lot of senior positions. It is common to see job profiles of seemingly distinct positions overlapping at multiple points. The team meetings are pointless. This is a terrible method of talent management. While talent does get retained, their development gets stunted. This impacts on the lack of creativity or innovation at the organization. Dysfunctional, narcissistic leaders tend to abide by this method.


Uploaded Date: 30 May 2018

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