There is rarely a one ideal leadership style that is pervasive or universal. Tu put things into context, few professionals have the fortune to work with a rock star boss like Bruce Springsteen. Most work that management graduates get involved in, requires substantial collaboration. Leadership styles can be based on the composition or needs of the team as highlighted in a paper written by professors from Georgian Tech and UCLA Anderson. Some leaders like Apple’s Steve Jobs or Yahoo’s Marissa Meyer are Directive, so they lead from a pedestal. Others like Nike’s Mark Parker are more Participative, so they take part in the actual hands-on process. The corporate strategy is handed out by the leaders in the former case, while it is honed along with the team in the latter example. The personality trait may get rejigged depending on the condition. Leadership style also depends on the trends of the times. At present. The participative style is a lot in vogue. Whatever the style, the leader has to take a strong decision on the coordination patterns and how such reports will be generated for all to access.


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