Walter Isaacson is one of the leading biographers having done books on Steve Jobs, Benjamin Franklin and Albert Einstein. Now he has done a piece on Leonardo da Vinci, because for him, the cycle gets completed by da Vinci. Fortunately, da Vinci left back a lot of content on paper, which Isaacson reckons is the best method of data warehousing as retrieving is less difficult. The one thing, where Isaacson has identified patterns among all his subjects, is that they all had the ability to think across topics and not be siloed. Benjamin Franklin studied at the University of Pennsylvania, renowned for its encouragement to pursue subjects across fields and not be stymied by departmentalization. Da Vinci has the ability to not only switch between art and science but to actually bring out the best in both. All these personalities mentioned were misfits in their own lives. They would not confirm to binding societal norms. They were constantly curious and wanted to know new things. Da Vinci, like the others made a lot of mistakes along the way, as attested through the findings on his notebooks. But he kept persevering and finally succeeded.


Uploaded Date: 06 February 2018

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