When organizations incubate, company culture is often a secondary thing. But, even if formal planning is not done towards it, a kind of set up eventually does emerge. Most companies try to find the perfect balance between a corporate style formality towards policies and procedures, and a start-up like vigour embracing agility and business innovations. Eventually when such firms grow up to a certain size, and newer employees join, a sense of conflict can often be observed between those who started out here and the newer recruits. Generational stereotypes also emerge. Regular team building events such as gaming nights could be useful exercises in those cases. Peer reward systems to honor colleagues, organization wide wellness programs and flexible work timings during major periods of festivity can also be useful. After a certain point in time, the company culture needs to be formally set. This would include aspects such as office space, dress code or time out. The onboarding for new recruits needs to be morphed in a way to comply with work culture. The old timers at startups should either be smoothly inducted into the board or given the luxury of a smooth exit.


Uploaded Date:20 July 2017

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