By 2014, several tech firms such as Yelp, Google, Facebook and LinkedIn realized that their diversity goals had not been met within the internal talent pool. To this end, Yelp in particular tried to improvise on their talent recruitment process to ensure a more democratic methods and intake of women, Latinos and other non-whites. This was done because Yelp and the others did not want to deny themselves to chance to recruit from two-fifths of the total labour pool that is made up of women and minorities. However, on further evaluation in 2017, it has been revealed that in spite of such stringent efforts at removing hiring bias, the improvement has not been much. Two important steps now need to be taken. Firstly, companies need to be transparent about the efforts they took, their shortcomings and latest signs of improvement. Airbnb accepted that when the team started out, a lot of things were not known to them leading to some issues being badly managed. Then a conscious step was taken to rectify this and so now many of those situations are better diffused. Secondly, even the genuinely well-intentioned often fail as they are ad-hoc and not following any scientifically established procedure. Companies will instead need to use data for business analysis to solve such problems.


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