Most professionals get scared off when they hear of corporate processes and policies. Yet, the same people disavow companies that are not organized. Even team leaders who stress on businessinnovation, try to fend off bureaucratic processes.  The challenge for workplaces these days is to find the right balance between policies not rigid, but work being organized. There exist several approaches to gain this ideal flow such as agile project management, theory of constraints, critical chain or pull-based scheduling. However, in any approach shortlisted, three core ideas must remain essential. First of all, the management must ensure that all employees can feel the bigger picture and that their work is aligned to the overall corporate strategy. Secondly, instead of disavowing bottlenecks, they must be embraced as negotiating past them creates the true learning. Finally, once the right things are identified, companies must make sure, that before adopting newer practices, they remain committed to the ones they were already performing well. A Pareto chart can be an ideal tool to draw out such conclusions and choose what strategies to adopt.


Uploaded Date:15 November 2017

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