France is trying to position itself as the startup hub of Europe. For that the country inaugurated Station F last year, which is the world’s largest startup hub with a focus on research and business innovation. According to a survey, France is a country where sixty percent of the people below 30 years of age wish to see themselves as entrepreneurs. INSEAD has thus partnered with the Sorbonne University to provide a certification to budding entrepreneurship on their business skills. Unusually for a startup hub, the biggest stumbling block to potential leadership is not funding, which is indeed flowing thanks to the presence of the large tech firms such as Facebook, Google and Amazon. But the biggest challenge now is to get the talent recruitment right. Having the right people on board helps in further investment rounds as well. For this, the startups have been advised to develop a strong company culture, as that is what glues employees to it.


Uploaded Date:10 November 2018

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