In order to boost sales, Microsoft applies a data- driven approach. Companies have been using people analytics or the behavioral data of their employees to understand what goes into cracking the right sales pitch. Business transformation or reorganization does not always benefit, as existing networks will then get disrupted. The LinkedIn Sales Navigator can be used to further improve the existing networks. The business accounts which show the promise of high growth, need to handled differently. Microsoft also invests in people relations, as this invariably boosts customer satisfaction. Using data- driven business analytics, the customer satisfaction or the lack of it, can now be predicted with a certain level of accuracy. To make this entire effort a success, the participation of the executive level is extremely crucial. The data warehousing once done, must remain free to use and not be constrained by the presence of silos. Proper investment must be made to recruit the right people in data science, analytics and data engineering.


Uploaded Date:28 December 2018

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