Machine learning is now increasingly aiding the healthcare industry by predicting heart disease and diabetes. Billions of dollars could be saved annually if these two chronic diseases could be reduced and managed better. A method has thus been developed by the Framingham Heart Study to look into the possibilities of cardiovascular diseases across the next ten years. The method has already achieved a fifty-six percent accuracy in predicting. This is still lower than the eighty-two managed by the Center for Information and Systems Engineering of the Boston University. One thing hospitals need to rigorously undergo is conduct data warehousing operations for patients’ records. This includes their eating habits, genetic makeup, cholesterol levels, age, weight and blood pressure. Tech giants such as Google are now entering the medical field in a large way by providing machine learning and analytics support. Information on patients gets tracked using medical devices, fitness trackers, smart watches and even mobile phones which store health data.


Uploaded Date:10 July 2017

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