Traveling is a joy for many, but also part of work for some. Frequent travelers are exposed to new cultures, and have the freedom to enjoy new cuisines, but also encounter a flipside. It leads to certain health disorders caused by continuously falling out of routine. This is especially true for international travel where the body gets exposed to different time zones. Some tips have been provided to ensure that frequent travelers do not miss out on a healthy lifestyle. Firstly, travel insurance is a must. One must ensure to wash hands regularly, as a lot of common travel terminals being most frequented tend to be amongst the dirtiest. While it is an essential part of travel, to try out new cuisines, one must try to go more on lean proteins, fruits, vegetables, whole grains and plenty of water. Excess carbs need to be avoided as that can lead to travel fatigue. One must work towards getting adequate sleep. One could make use of business innovations such as travel pillows or noise-cancelling headphones to this effect. Time must also be dedicated during the travel for relaxation.

Uploaded Date:17 May 2018

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