A lot of organizations across industries have been bitten by the agility bug. Companies have realized that in order to meet modern working standards, it is preferable to have an agile system of work rather than go by traditional rigid hierarchies. Management consulting giant Bain however does not fully agree, instead claiming that for certain process oriented tasks such as sales, purchasing, maintenance, and accounting, traditional structures are known to pay off better by reducing costs. In order to truly embrace agility, the top management must adhere by a few principles. The first of them is to ensure that enterprise priorities are treated as managed backlog. This is how the top software teams handle future growth. The next approach is a talent management experiment where smaller teams are to be created just outside the formal hierarchy to test whether this agile network outperforms the mean of the rest of the organization. Finally, all work must be timed in such a way that extensive use may be made of constant learning techniques. A bit of hit-and-trial is used in such cases.


Uploaded Date:28 July 2017

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