Research was conducted to understand the skills necessary to create innovation leaders. The skills may broadly be divided into technical and leadership ones. Also important are personal attributes and prior experience. Planning corporate strategy has proven to be the most important technical skill. Others include change management, analysis, product development, project management, marketing, IT and budget. Most important leadership skill is motivation followed by influence. Peer management, team development, intellectual stimulation, organizational development and communication are next in line. Having a vision and being creative are the most coveted personal attributes. An intellectual curiosity, the ability to drive collaboration, entrepreneurial drive, risk taking abilities and flexibility at work are also highly desired. Experience on the front line of the industry and innovation are most important prior familiarity needed. Also valued are customer service, startup experience, other industry familiarity and operations management. Majority of survey respondents have answered that innovation brings incremental benefits rather than disruptive. Only two percent of companies claimed to be not involved at all in business innovation while more than half claim to have been doing it for five or more years.


Uploaded Date:27/06/2017

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