Not all business unicorns hails only from India, China or even from California. One of them actually originates from the eastern European country of Romania. One of the fastest growing software companies in the world is Ui Path, which was until quite recently, based in the country’s capital city of Bucharest, until relocating to New York in 2017. The company is valued at over seven billion US dollars, while its total workforce numbers around three- thousand. Its client- list ever- broadening, has now touched five- thousand, while its annual revenues have crossed three- hundred million dollars. Significantly, Ui Path has curated a developer community numbering to about half a million people. The company’s CEO Daniel Hines has clearly outlined that the corporate strategy of Ui Path has always been to provide solutions to its clients. Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) was one area that provided among the early impetus for Ui Path to grow, but slowly the business diversified.


Uploaded Date:27 December 2019

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