Now more than ever before, dual-career couples are a common sight. Business intelligence provided by Pew Research confirms that about three-fifths of white-collar couples in the US and Japan are likely to be dual-career. The number is even higher in Australia and Canada. Such couples frequently face difficulties in their personal lives, that spill over on to the professional sphere. While not directly a function of the organization, this has massive repercussions on employee productivity and engagement, both of which suffer. Such societal changes can spell the death-knell for the talent management and retention tactics in place. Four priorities have been identified which must be brought in, starting with greater flexibility afforded to workers. Secondly, a cultural change needs to be brought in place allowing for women especially to more easily access maternity-related leaves otherwise only on paper. The image of a successful career path too needs tweaking. Gender-neutral support systems are also needed.


Uploaded Date:02 August 2018

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