Both male and female leaders have a lot to learn from each other. Female professionals now make up nearly half the managerial professionals across organizations in the US, yet the percentage drops to single figures when it comes to CEO positions. Thus business research was conducted by Schaffer Consulting to understand the key points that women needed to imbibe from male colleagues’ working style. On being asked, female professionals spoke about how men actually reveled in their power attained where women are often embarrassed by it. Men also take up initiatives in new projects. Surprisingly, the best of male leaders shy away from the typical stereotypes instead displaying enough empathy and affection. The next question was about advice to younger female executives aspiring to reach the top. A common response was to build comprehensive network of contacts. Decision making ought to be thorough but timely enough to enable team members to execute on it. One must remember that the best of companies are those that display diversity. Surprisingly, occasionally faking confidence could work out as a trick until one actually grows on it. Male leaders love being asked to advice, so one mustn’t hesitate to seek opinion on crucial career based decisions.


Uploaded Date:19/06/2017

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