Consulting giant Bain has curated a list of the top management trends captured through its data over the past twenty-five years. Titled “A History of Bain’s Management Tools and Trends Survey”, it charts the top ideas or trends during this period of time. At present, the nearly four-fifths of those surveyed feel that “business leaders must trust and empower their employees, not command and control them.”If one compares the top tools over time, Mission and Vision Statements ruled the roost back in 1993 with an eighty-eight percent approval rating, while strategic planning was strongest in 2000. Strategic planning was on top last year, but in 2014 it was Customer Relationship Management. Advanced business analytics is the most popular tool now followed by agile management and balanced scorecard. To enhance satisfaction levels, the Internet-of-Things has been most judiciously followed by customer segmentation and analytics. CRM is most popularly adopted, while Zero-based budgeting seems to have fewer takers. Total digital usage most significantly increased in the Asia-Pacific and Latin America regions, while declining in North America.


Uploaded Date:01 June 2018

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