Most people at some point or the other have been saddled with a bad boss. But not all bad bosses are the worst of the kind. There exist three kinds of really bad bosses. To start with, there are the indecisive bosses, who cannot take any decision squarely. One mustn’t wait for such people to make a decision, but instead define the matter beforehand. The first step has to be forced in by the subordinate. One must try to build a sense of trust nonetheless. Conversations need to be started for this. The second type is the insecure manager. Due to their own insecurities they end up being poor at talent management. To tackle such, one must try to understand the root cause behind their fall. One must be transparent with them and still appreciate the positives around. The all-knowing leader is often the most infuriating to work with. To manage them, one needs to let the bosses discover ideas in you. They tend to have surplus of energy, so this needs to be channeled in the right manner. At times when this kind of boss behaves too megalomaniac, he/she needs to be given a dose of reality check.


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