While it is often lamented that ride-sharing apps killed the taxi business, looking at it from the other way tells us it happened because taxi companies were charging too much for inadequate service. Being disrupted is part of the game and a constant, so one needs to prepare by disrupting oneself. If not, then other will do so. The first thing to do is talent recruitment of iconoclasts. These are the kind of agitators and instigators who go against the existing norms at the organization. While they may be unwelcome at most places, they play a key role in organizational shift by posing futuristic questions. Disrupting oneself also involves changing behaviours. Self-disrupting companies embrace public scrutiny to emerge better than ever. Clarity on the corporate strategy is necessary throughout the organization. For this to be successful, the top management needs to instil a sense of urgency among the employees.

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Uploaded Date : 21 October 2017

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