For long company culture was something considered intangible. But now reliable markers have emerged to measure the same. The MIT SMR in collaboration with leading talent recruitment firm Glassdoor has designed the Culture 500 index to quantify company culture. The tools identified have come up with some critical cultural markers that leading companies tend to have. One of them is that culture in such places is measured as a sum total of values and norms. Overall, nine major culture values have been chronicled. These are agility, collaboration, diversity, customer- centricity, execution, integrity, performance, respect and business innovation. Among the tech giants, Amazon comes out right on top. Samsung comes next. Facebook is in the middle followed by Google, Apple and Netflix. Intel, IBM and Microsoft find themselves further behind. But towards the bottom are Oracle and Cisco. Glassdoor has utilized its own data to emerge with such deductions.


Uploaded Date:20 July 2019

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