The concept of corporate culture is undergoing a sea change and is set to ring in further changes due to the rise of the millennial generation. This generation, often lampooned with images of egocentricity and technology addiction is set to take over the corporate world by the year 2020 by sheer dint of numbers. Thus the ongoing corporate culture represents the kind of workplace this generation would like to see. One important aspect for this generation is diversity and inclusion at the workplace. Many consider themselves politically independent, religiously unaffiliated and possessing interest in other nations, ideas, beliefs and cultures. This is why they encourage talent recruitment from wide range in diversity. They are extremely particular about possessing the right work-life balance. Millennials are particularly conscious about company culture as a study states that they are ready to fork out up to US$ 7,600 for the right balance. Millennials are also increasingly more conscious about Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) so wish to contribute towards the environment and charity. Millennials crave a sense of engagement at work with a recent survey establishing that only twenty nine percent of them were. They also want the feedback they provide to be taken seriously and be acted upon more actively. Millennials do not crave material possessions as much as they do ideas. While they cannot be labeled as idealists, they sure want nurturing of bigger things that provide them greater satisfaction.


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