The Millennial generation might just turn out to be the most entrepreneurial ever in history. A number of them are abandoning typical 9-5 jobs for more entrepreneurial or freelancing gigs. Several factors have precipitated this trend. Some of them were forced. One such was the financial recession of 2008 which let to huge declines in real wages or stable work opportunities. Business research conducted by the Wall Street Journal shows that in the year 1970, ninety two percent of thirty year olds were out-earning their parents but this figure stands at a mere fifty one percent now. Millennials also do not want to be closeted inside office complexes, but are exploring newer options. This generation grew up on YouTube videos and programmers are treated with great awe. So they are leveraging their individual artistic or creative abilities and monetizing them. Platforms such as Docu-Sign, Dropbox and Invoice-2-go are enabling social collaboration much easier on smartphones. Innovation is a key criteria to measure success for this generation, thus setting up high expectations for the next one.


Uploaded Date:27/06/2017

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