While Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) is on path to organizational growth, it is not the only or the best route. Organic growth is usually preferred, but few are getting it correct. This is because most organizations view both the styles as nothing less than rocket launches. Enormous time and effort goes into drafting a formal corporate strategy, and after each plan is launched, all facets within it, are micro-managed. This worked in an earlier era of incremental growth but cannot keep pace with the modern exponential changes constantly around us. That is why analyze, plan and optimize needs to be replaced by experiment, adapt and learn. The most successful of startups in the last few decades, especially in and around Silicon Valley, have had three major advantages. They’ve had fully dedicated co-founders, a board of investors that believes in growth and a team built on agile methods which proactively eliminates hindrances and builds competencies. There exist three shifts that companies need to make in order to veer towards a path of organic growth. First of all, the founder must realize he/she is not a manager, so must focus on solving the bigger picture that inspired one take up entrepreneurship in the first place. Constant experimentation and business innovation has to be encouraged. The investment must be planned like a Venture Capital which drives the entire business, and not just a banker that funds, but disappears immediately after the money is released, hoping for gains.


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