A system needs to be designed to ensure coherence and alignment between people’s interests and that of the organization. While most organizations these days talk of and want to implement business innovations, few have a clear- cut strategy on how to implement the same. An innovation lead change strategy is thus needed, which will be tailored towards the present VUCA (Volatility Uncertainty Complexity Ambiguity) demands. Once this is put in place, the “business as usual malaise” will get disrupted or may even disappear. It will also help people tackle any sort of cognitive dissonance affecting them. Such cognitive dissonance affects people entirely, as they get emotionally, physically and cognitively drained out. To tackle this situation, for a start, the companies must assess the gap between the targets outlined in the corporate strategy and the present reality. This gap needs to be the source of creative energy. New ways of applying creative tension need to be facilitated to help generate embryonic outcomes. A combo of pull and push methods need to be applied to generate authentic change among the people using a holistic perspective.


Uploaded Date:28 December 2018

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