Employees in several jobs are often encouraged to go beyond their narrow descriptions to help out the organization in other ways they can. While this is useful to the organization, helps the employee learn newer things while also letting him/her feel good, it can also prove to be counterproductive. First of all, it takes away peak productive hours. Also, once the hours are put in doing things beyond their jobs, people tend to continuously expect the same. As part of superiors’ talent management roles, they are expected to draw the line between how much is alright and what constitutes unacceptable expectation. This conditioning is called job crafting whose reins are handed over to the employees themselves. These employees can design their own work schedules with the criteria being the specific hours and the kind of tasks they are suited for. An engineer for example who doesn’t like socializing much can be exempted from attending staff parties, and may instead be allowed to do an all-nighter. Such redesign can help employees attain a work-life balance.


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