While it is well known that human beings tend to respond well to general motivation, it is not completely clear which form of motivation works better- positive or negative. The former may involve a bonus, promotion, public recognition or positive feedback while the latter may include negative feedback, public humiliation or demotion. An experiment conducted at the New York state hospital may provide us with clues as to which is a more effective method of talent management. Here, the challenge was to ensure that the medical staff sanitize their hands before each visit to any patient’s room. While cameras clearly showed the percentage to be a tenth of the total, the management took a decision to put up a screen where each time a person washes up would be celebrated. In this manner, not only did this go up substantially, but was also repeated in another department where it was equally successful. Similar other researches led by neuroscientists have demonstrated that people tend to respond much better at positive motivation.


Uploaded Date: 06 October 2017

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