Certain people in any team, always tend to come up with novel ideas. Such ideas can be termed as the seeds of innovation. For team leaders, it is often a challenge, how to motivate these kind of employees to get the bets out of them. For this to happen, these employees need to be assigned the right roles where their innovative juices can make an impact. The team must be built around them, instead of them being fitted around set roles. Business innovation must be rewarded. Innovative people are often known for certain idiosyncrasies. These need to be tolerated up to some point as that is what sets them unique. They may be non-conformist and individualistic at times. Such people need challenges at all times to spur them on. Pressure must be exerted, but not too much of it as that may break the fragile balance between innovation and productivity. The talent recruitment must be geared specifically to bring in cognitive diversity to the team. The leaders must above all be humble, weeding out most elements of narcissism.


Uploaded Date:17 November 2018

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