Just as the later period of the Italian Renaissance descended into mere mannerisms, similarly our age of technology seems to be diminishing into simply incremental or ornamental improvements. A classic example could be that of Juicero which has developed a juicing machine but on further testing it has been confirmed that it barely improves even basic manual processes. For this, it received a huge sum of funding which seems to have been wasted. Engineers like to automate things and their business innovations have improved processes drastically, yet we are approaching the limits of the same as experience by the relative failure of the Apple Watch. People do not want so many features from simple devices just as artificial intelligence is not necessarily easing people’s lives, but often complicating. Instead of criticizing engineering, users must simply suggest ways in which certain incremental switches could be put off so that the really essential automations continue to exist and flourish.


Uploaded Date: 16th May 2017

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