The universal desire for continuous cognitive development has led to several apps with dubious effects of brain training doing the rounds. One such is Lumosity, developed by scientists and leveraged by entrepreneurs, apparently enabling others to develop their brains. Yet, its effects are negligible as proven through a recent study by two scientists at the University of Pennsylvania. Lumosity has thus been fined recently by the Federal Trade Commission in the USA due to such faulty claims. But the field of healthcare and neuroscience is more fertile ground and is actually working on genuine product innovation. It is leveraging big data and artificial intelligence to map people’s behavior at various situations. Founded by INSEAD alumni, Bio serenity uses wearable sensors to diagnose epilepsy long before the patient can actually reach any hospital. i-PEPS is using Brain’us to collect data on social cognition using brain testing games. Neuroscience until recently has mainly been used as a market research tool, but now being used for wider applications, especially in healthcare.


Uploaded Date:14 June 2018

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